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Howard On-Site Computer Services - Servicing Tacoma, Federal Way, Fife, Edgewood, Puyallup and parts of Olympia and Thurston County
Our Mission: It is our goal at Howard
On-site Computer Services to give the best service to our customers by tailoring our work to each customer and situation to bring about the best possible solution.

In 2002, Michael Howard, owner of Howard On-site Computer Services completed the Network Administration Associate of Technical Arts program at South Puget Sound Community College, Olympia WA. Since then he has spent over 10 years gaining practical experience as Manager and Lead Technician at Maple Park Digital Computer Services until leaving in order to operate on his own. In the many years of his working in the IT field, Michael Howard has developed close relationships with hundreds of customers.

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     Our Services

Office & Home Networks:
Without connectivity to the Internet,
your file server or printer – you can’t get your work done. We are trained and knowledgeable regarding networks in order to identify & rectify any complications with connectivity.

Virus Removal: Browsing the Internet, whether on a Windows computer or a Mac - can be dangerous. If you think you have a virus, take care of it as soon as is possible. We are experienced in removing every type of virus from any type of system.

Performance Optimization: Is your desktop computer or laptop slowing down over time? Why go through unnecessary expense & possible complications replacing it when it may not take much to dramatically improve its performance?

Troubleshooting & Repair: There are many types of issues computer users see each day. If you are having a problem and don’t even know where to start to figure it out, we can find the root cause & and appropriate solution for you.

Mac Repair:
Is your high quality Mac Desktop or laptop not running like it used to? We are experienced in the diagnosis, disassembly & reassembly and repair of Mac desktops and laptops.

Laptop Repair: We use them for our work, we use them for school. Perhaps your laptop is your primary computer in your home or office. Reliability is a must. We can keep it up and running well for you. Laptops are a specialty that shouldn’t be left to just anyone. Disassembly and reassembly requires organization and precision.
Allow us at Howard On-site Computer Services to diagnose and make any needed repair.

Remote Services: Would you prefer your repair to be done remotely? Certain problems allow us this avenue of services.
(Note: certain types of problems cannot be done remotely and require a ‘hands on’ repair).
Let us know if you are interested in a remote repair service.

Data recovery: When drives fail or viruses delete your entire photo library, in many cases we can retrieve some or all of what is lost. The best part: We only charge if we succeed in retrieving what you asked for, either all or in part.

Web Site Design:
The face of your business – your web site. Are you satisfied with it?
Would you like to add functionality or perhaps do a complete redesign? We can do that!

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